I am an experienced medical practitioner, having worked for over 26 years as a registered nurse within the NHS. My background covers both medical and surgical nursing, including specialist roles within gynaecology and colposocpy.  I am passionate about patient care and my aim is to always provide safe, effective and comfortable treatments for my patients.

I have recently completed a PGDip in Cosmetic Medicine and am continually learning and attending conferences in order to keep my skills current and up-to-date. I offer a full consultation prior to all treatments in order to ensure my patient’s are suitable candidates for the requested treatment, this includes a full medical and surgical history.  Follow-up appointments are also offered after every treatment.

My clinic is situated in a semi rural location, with private, discreet, off-road parking. I am insured with Hamilton Fraser and use only high quality FDA (US Drug and Food Administration) products.

Wrinkle relaxant treatments can take as little as 20 minutes whilst Dermal Fillers usually take between 30 and 60 minutes.

The dermal fillers I use contain a local anaesthetic that significantly reduces any discomfort. A topical local anaesthetic is also used to numb the area prior to treatment. Wrinkle relaxant is given using a very small needle to minimise discomfort.

My aim is always to create as natural results as possible.

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