Clinically proven, safe and permanent treatment for thread veins, melia, skin tags, and Campbell de Morgan spots.

There are a number of factors that can cause thread veins, including ageing, sun damage, pregnancy and obesity to name just a few, with my walk in, walk out service enabling you to remove these veins for good.

During the procedure a tiny needle is used to send a pulse of energy onto the vein wall. This pulse of energy seals the thread vein and is repeated along the vein wall until it disappears.

Treatment areas

This treatment is suitable to be conducted on various parts of the body and for different ailments including:
  • Facial thread veins (spider veins)
  • Melia (small white dots)
  • Skin tags
  • Campbell de Morgans (red dots)

To ensure you are completely satisfied with the level of service, I’ll conduct a free consultation with you to discuss the areas you’d like to have treated and offer my expert advice on the best steps moving forward.


  • From £70 depending on the area you would like to be treated.

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